Our history


In 2010, driven by our curiosity and a strong passion for creating effective skin care products for men and women striving for cleaner and more beautiful skin – and with the dream of combining the best natural and active ingredients – we launched our own independent Danish brand of skin care products: Jorgobé Skin Care – Copenhagen.

Clear goals from Day 1

Right from the very beginning, we had a desire to control every last detail when it came to stockists, branding, design, packaging and, most importantly, product development.
Our goal was to develop innovative, natural and highly effective products without unnecessary chemical additives. Our products should stand out from the crowd, be presented in simple yet luxurious Nordic packaging and be priced at a level everyone can afford.

In other words, it had to be perfection… or nothing. There was no room for grey areas, compromises or run-of-the-mill goods. It may sound a bit over the top, but ultimately it came down to us wanting to give you what you expect and have paid for, i.e. fabulous skin care products that work – and that is still our wish today.

From one product to multiple awards

The first product we launched was The Original Black Peel Off Mask in 10 ml bags that were sold to private customers via Trendsales.dk. We did this to test the market potential, and in the course of a few months, the entire production of 10,000 units had sold out.

The major demand and hype generated was due to factors such as a massive marketing effort via social media, which got our production capacity to increase in record time.
People were curious and provoked by the striking new black mask that could show immediate results while treating a problem that many people suffer from, i.e. clogged pores and an oily T-zone.

Department stores, chain stores and clinics now wanted to sell The Original Black Peel Off Mask, and by 2012, the product had become the best-selling peel off mask in the Nordic countries. Awards such as “Best in Face” and “Best New Product” at the Grooming Awards opened even more doors, and the product was notably recommended by ELLE and other international fashion and beauty magazines.

New headquarters and new products

Today, Jorgobé Skin Care – Copenhagen is headquartered in a palatial property in the heart of beautiful Copenhagen. Our product range has been expanded to include the Refreshing Scrub Mask and White Tea Balancing Cream. Product development continues to be done internally, and we employ our own product manager, who works closely with us and the rest of the laboratory team in Denmark.

As was the case with The Original Black Peel Off Mask, all of the new products are developed and produced in Denmark without the use of harmful parabens, mineral oils, silicone, colours and paraffin. And that is how it will always be in the future when we launch new products. Because at Jorgobé Skin Care – Copenhagen, effectiveness, health and the environment go hand in hand.

Best regards,

Nicklas & Dan